We Plan

Plans made for planning! Whether it be a small studio or a block of commercial apartments we can plan for every size big or small.  At Shore Architecture our team will get together with you to plan exactly what you envisage.  Whether it be a commercial new build or a residential improvement.

High Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on our high quality standards. We use the latest in architecture software, keeping up-to-date at every opportunity!

Leading Experts

Our team have the latest knowledge. With some fresh from university and some with years of experience - offering you and your company a range of skills.

Complex Sollutions

We offer solutions when faced with multiple situations. We're not afraid to explore new ideas listening to what is introduced and offering fresh ideas if welcomed.


Whether your project is a beach hut or a multistorey block of apartments, our flexible approach means anything is possible!

``A goal without a plan is just a wish!``

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry